The spirit of Love

*I haven’t posted in a while and I am so sorry I hope I can make it up to you all with my new posts. Thanks*

Once upon a time, she used to be his bullied. The one that he always took his aggression on. He hurt her emotionally, physically and mentally, despite that, she still loved him.

Yes you can call her a masochist, you can call her crazy and all those names but you can’t blame her, blame love for choosing him for her heart.

Love is like a spirit we can’t see, it possess us and choose the ones we fall in love with, the ones that will hurt us and cause us intense pain even the one the one that will stab us with swords behind our backs but then, who knows- love sometimes change the chosen into a different person. That was everything that happened between himand his bullied.

Love can be funny at times don’t you think. It makes us fall in love with those we do not expect. I tell you love is a spirit. I suspect a Cupid flying around targeting hearts of innocent people who do not wish to fall in love. Hmm… Love is just amazing and funny.

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