Faraway love

She stands in front of the window with a warm smile gracing her lips as she waits for him agitatedly. It has been months she has seen her faraway love and today, he will come. She imagines his hands around her waist and his lips on her plump lips. Her smile widens at the scene played in her head.

If there was a time machine, the possibility that she would go into the future just to be in the hands of her love is an hundred and one percent. Oh please come on time, the wait is killing me. She thought within herself.

She has been waiting, waiting and waiting for months for him but he didn’t come, will he come today? Of course he will. She shut off all negative thoughts playing in her head.

She can’t wait to see that ocean blue eyes, she can’t wait to run her fingers into his dark silk her and she can’t just wait to hold him, hug him and kiss him. Oh when is he coming? It’s taking too much.

She glanced at the wall clock, it’s getting late. She tears her gaze from the clock and face her the view in front of her. The cloud is almost covering the sun, soon night will befall unto the earth. When is he coming?

The smile on her face slowly fades away as the TicToc of the clock rings in her ears. The day has almost gone, where are you? 

For thirty minutes, she stood in front of the window, tears welling up in her lavender coloured eyes. He can’t do this again, he can’t fail her. Come faraway love, you are killing her more than you can imagine.

An hour passed slowly. She slowly retreated from the window in tears, she shakes her head. He failed her again.

He failed her, he broke his promise, he broke her heart. He isn’t coming and he will never come. Faraway love you are a curse than a blessing. You have caused a lot of pain.

She slowly wipes her tears as she slumps unto her bed. He is never coming, there is no love anywhere. Only faraway pain. 

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