The smile of depression

She hides her pain behind a beautiful smile, she hides her sorrows behind the glowing face and she hides her depression behind her sweet, remarkable words. But what they don’t know is that she is dying inside.

The smile of depression. Depression never shows on one’s face especially when one is good at hiding it. She is in pain, deep pain, excruciating pain but she doesn’t want help. 

People think she is happy but she is suffering. She walks in a confident and opulent manner, everyone looks up to her, everyone wishes to be her but will they look up to her when they find out what she is going through? Will they wish to feel the pain she is feeling? Do they want to be in her shoes?

She needs help, someone save her before it is to late. Time is an enemy, a big enemy and life is a bigger enemy. Life hasn’t favoured her and time, it has always been to fast to stop things from happening.

Depression has power over her, a power that she can’t control. It has taken over her completely. She needs a saviour.

Someone help her before it is too late, before things get worse, before time stops and before the sorrows and pain devour her completely.

The smile of depression.

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