Then I saw you

I looked around, I didnt see anyone I wanted, I didn’t see anyone beautiful. Then I saw you, the wave of love blew on my face. I couldn’t stop staring, you captured my eyes then my heart and all of me.

You looked at me with those beautiful eyes of yours and smiled, i don’t want to admit but your smile created a lot of butterflies in my stomach. My heart did alot of somersaults. It was just the first sight and I fell for you.

The following week I was depressed, I lost my priced possession then I saw you,you smiled at me and all my worries vanished. Your smile is beautiful, it made my head explode.

Then I saw you when I was crying, you didn’t smile at me,you consoled me. You came to me and comforted me. Though, I was sad but your presence changed everything. I became okay, I was even more than okay.

I realised I was in love with you when I saw you but we were just friends. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, you are special. Then I saw you with him, it made me crazy. I lost all my senses then I beat the hell out of him. Angrily, you told me you hate me, I was shattered.

Then I kept seeing you but you ignored me. Was I obsessed? I didn’t know but I had to confess my love. Surprisingly, you said you loved me I was happy.

Then I saw you as my bride, I was the most happiest man on earth. We were so in love.

Then I saw you as the mother of my babies, my twins. 

Then I saw you dead. An unfortunate accident took you from me. You left me alone in this evil world with our children. You left me alone to face all the battles of the world. 

Then I saw you when you were buried, the last time I saw my love. The love who captured me at first sight. Everything was ruined because I lost you.

Then I saw you…

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